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Plans for the Future

Plans for the Future
Why does this archive matter to me ? More importantly – why does it matter at all?

I did not set out to produce this body of work. I was not trying to find a subject which would give me a ‘best-seller’. I was simply an actor/cum writer who stumbled upon an exciting yarn, which might have the makings of a brief television programme. It was simply “part of the job? ... just one more script to help with paying the bills. When I began to research the story, I thought that the subject would be written, filmed, seen and forgotten within the year. But Rennes- le-Château was bigger than that ... bigger than I had imagined ... and bigger than most people yet realise.

Throughout the years of struggling to understand, of confronting the distortions of “History? as it was being taught, of being shocked by the discoveries which I was making, I was constantly amazed by the hostility which I encountered among those in the academic world. I was an ‘outsider’ and so had no place in their self-satisfied society. The ‘biblical’ distortions of the theological community were easier to comprehend and to accept. After all, here I was confronting ‘Faith’. And it is not easy to question long-held beliefs.

But what I found truly shocking was the dishonesty which I encountered in the media. And when a supposedly respectable journal began to peddle patent untruths, I realised that Rennes- le-Château was touching nerves in an establishment of which I had no desire to be part. And so, for the last thirty years, I have been content to plough my own furrow and to ignore the opinions of those who – at the most generous – were speaking from a position of wilfully blinkered and self-imposed ignorance.

So – why should my archive matter ? It matters because it will demonstrate a Truth. Not simply the truth of what I have discovered – but also, I hope, the honesty which I have tried to bring to the work. I am humbled by what I have learned of our forebears’ genius. And this I wish to share. It is for others with the requisite skills and expertise to go where I lack the knowledge to follow. My archive will save them time. There is no need to find again what I have already found.

As I wrote in The Holy Place :“I have entered a ‘treasure chamber’ ... But I suspect that I have glimpsed only a small part of the treasure.?

Sapiens nihil affirmat quod non probet. The wise man affirms nothing, which he cannot prove ... and the beginnings of the proofs lie within the archive.

As I enter my eighty-fourth year I am content to stand on the shore and wish Bon Voyage to whoever may wish to undertake the journey upon which I have made the first faltering steps.

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