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Posted on: Wed Jan 8 2014
It was as long ago as November 2011 that I promised to complete my translation of Rennes-le-Château's 'prime source' … Gérard de Sède's Accursed Treasure.  I apologise for not informing you of its eventual appearance in August 2013. The book should now be readily available.
For anyone who has - (or will) - acquire a copy of the present edition, I should point out that the illustration of the Devil's Armchair on page 195 is upside down.
This is, I'm afraid, a little confusing!  It is, in fact, the right way up.  However de Séde published it upside down.   (Which may or may not have been intentional.)  I had wished you to see it as he intended … though now I seem to be confusing both you - and myself - in attempting to explain an error created by an unnecessary (and perhaps unintentional) correction!
Have I made myself clear ?   If not, I beg your forgiveness and offer the following advice … Just turn the page upside down in order to see Illustration 5 the right way up … i.e. upside down !  (I think !!!)
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