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Posted on: Fri Jul 26 2013

The team has been performing wonders ! So far some twenty-five thousand separate items have been copied and made computer-accessible for me to begin the daunting task of identifying, sorting and assigning to their various categories. I can foresee a winter of hard labour ! Though, at least, I will be spared the uncomfortable and sweltering heat of these recent summer days. How Jeannie, David and Pearl have been able to maintain the enthusiasm and devotion to the task, merits huge thanks - as well as admiration. And what they are uncovering is proving the rightness of the decision to preserve it all. There are some strange people 'out there' who seem to think - (or, at least, to claim) - that the whole “Rennes-le-Château Affair? is a compound of fiction, fantasy and invention. Well - let them think it ! The Archive is proving otherwise.

And, on the thought of fictional invention, we are astonished by the garbled ideas which seem to be floating on the Internet and elsewhere, concerning what exactly we are attempting to do. It is extraordinary how guesses and out-of-date suggestions can build a picture which … because it's on the Net … has to be true ! Well - if it's not confirmed on this site - then it probably isn't !

For those who read - or have been told - that we intend to 'buy a property in Rennes-les-Bains' … No! We had the idea - but, it was never really practical. So there's little point in making either suggestions or offers … but thanks - even so ! There also seems to be an idea that we haven't got the equipment necessary for the task in hand. Wrong again ! We've even winkled things out of ancient computers and antediluvian floppy discs - (remember them ?)

It's getting exciting … but don't guess ! It's only the team who really know what's going on … (though they do indulge me from time to time, by letting me know what's going on underneath the paper mountain.)

I am astonished by the present rate of progress. You may well be getting at some of the 'goodies' sooner than you expect ! And - as a tiny taster - I shall append to this report just two forgotten pictures that have turned up. The first is a shot of the interior of the “Poussin Tomb? - taken when the mindless treasure-hunters had broken it open. The second is much more interesting than it superficially appears.

Be patient ! We're getting there …
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