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Posted on: Wed Apr 3 2013

For me, 2012 was a year best forgotten.
My Blog remained silent … not through negligence, nor through lack of events to report.   It was a year of personal losses which left me with no desire to convey - even inadvertently - the inevitable sadness which comes with the loss of so many friends and family members.   I suppose that, at my age, such times are to be expected … but, in 2012, all but one of those who left us were much younger than I am … which made their going all the harder to bear.
However – and now the clichés must return – ‘Life must go on’ and I still have much to do.  
And so -
At present :-

As many of you know - I am engaged in the daunting task of attempting to return some order to my Archive, which lapsed into disorganised chaos when I left England some five or six years ago.
The present physical work is being undertaken by a small team of friends who are fighting through the chaos.  We are progressing apace, and some small degree of order seems to have begun to show itself.
The intention is that the Archive shall eventually be made available to any people interested in wishing to examine the source material for what has grown into the world-wide phenomenon of Rennes-le Chateau and its astonishing geometrical discoveries.The Archive is to be physically housed in the Languedoc region of SW France as well as on a dedicated website to be built for those who may not be able to travel to France. 
Nothing is yet presently available.
It will be quite some time before access will be possible as, apart from the labour of sorting, everything must be copied, filed and indexed.
In addition, suitable premises will need to be found in order to provide an adequate and comfortable setting for visitors to pursue their research.  For this reason, it is inevitable that funds will be required both to acquire the premises and for the necessary recording and copying facilities, etc
For the time being, however, it has really become a case of identifying the material.  Unfortunately it has become clear that I am the only person capable of sifting the newly assembled mounds of paper into coherent files.  (Some of my early jottings are literally on scraps of paper which might, to someone else, appear to be nothing more than incoherent scribbled rubbish.  But I can promise you that I have been amazed by some of the treasures unearthed in my forty-year old jottings !)
We are certainly in need of financial help - and this is presently being arranged in a properly legal and professional manner. Donations are already coming in and more information concerning the on-going fund-raising and  the uses to which it is being put will be published as soon as possible.
Anything which you may read or hear concerning this project should be checked with what is on this Blog.  If it differs, adds to or contradicts anything here, then you should treat the source with caution.  You will find below links to other sites which can be treated as 'reliable'.
Meanwhile - our heart-felt thanks to all those who are already offering help, both financial and otherwise.  It is much appreciated and will not go without recognition.  It has been made clear to me that my Archive is a resource which many people consider to be of value. I shall do my best to make it accessible as soon as it is humanly possible.
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