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Posted on: Thu Sep 3 2009
It’s hard to know where to begin. You’ve sent me a flood of questions and I’ll do my best to deal with them as soon as possible. And my thanks for the many flattering messages of greeting. But :

It’s clear from many of you ... and from people I talk to at Rennes-le-Château ... that a large percentage of you are very out-of-date with developments in the Saunière Saga (or have only recently encountered it). There is more to this story than Holy Blood, Holy Grail and The da Vinci Code !

For those of you who haven’t yet encountered it, I suggest that you read my Key to the Sacred Pattern. It’s easier to read than many of the other books – (including my own) – and will fill you in on what has been going on since 1982. I’ve also written The Holy Place and The Templars’ Secret Island (the latter with Erling Haagensen).

If you want to know more about the story of Bérenger Saunière, then look for Rennes-le-Château, Saunière’s Secret by JEAN-LUC ROBIN. In my opinion, it’s the best of the books on the subject. But then, of course, I would say that ... Jean-Luc was a dear friend, which explains why I translated his book into English!

There is also my DVD – Henry Lincoln’s Guide to Rennes-le-Château, which fills in a lot more of the visual background – including many things which are no longer accessible, or are changed, or have simply disappeared.

And there is The Secret (sometimes titled Secret of the Templars) which is a 4 x 30 minute series which I made with ERLING HAAGENSEN for Danish Television. (This DVD is in English, but some versions may have Danish sub-titles).

* * * * *

On that thought ... I’ve had more than one communication in foreign tongues. I understand English ... I speak French ... and struggle with German. If you want to be sure that I understand you properly, then please don’t test my linguistic abilities much beyond those languages.

* * * * *

There have been numerous enquiries for my opinion of a film called Bloodline. It’s a nonsense, of course – though I gather that some people in the US of A seems to take it seriously. I shall be dealing with it at more length eventually, as I develop the site.

And, of course, there are constant requests seeking information on how to obtain copies of my three 1970’s BBC Chronicle films. The short answer is that you can’t – at least, not legally! Thereby hangs yet another ludicrous tale, which I shall expand upon eventually.

* * * * *

Of apparent interest to a number of readers of Holy Blood, Holy Grail is the question: “How do three people write one book?? Well, of course, they don’t. Here’s a sort of explanation:

As I made clear in my brief Introduction to the book – (though I suspect that many readers don’t bother with Introductions! They should! Why do you think we poor writers waste our time on them?) – I had already made two films on the subject for the BBC and was buried in mounds of research, when
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