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Posted on: Tue Jul 21 2009
For the past thirty-plus years, my work has attracted a great deal of public attention. However, I am by nature a private individual. Like all, I hope, normal people, I cherish that privacy as well as my space for thought, reflection and writing.

But the world, I’m afraid, is filled with obsessive ‘nut-cases’, some of whom seem prepared to go to enormous lengths to track down people such as myself. On one particularly un-amusing occasion, a person appeared, with suitcase, intent on moving in. I have also, more than once, had to change my (ex-directory) telephone number.

I am sure that most sane and sensible people realise that the Rennes-le-Château story attracts more than its fair share of such cranks and crack-pots and that my life would become intolerable did not I attempt to build some sort of protective fence.

But these are not the only reasons for my reclusiveness. Over the years, much has happened upon which I might have wished to comment, or provide an explanation. To express an opinion ... to deny or inform.

As I begin to fill in some of those missing details on this site, those reasons will become – I hope - more clear and more understandable.

Those people who have met me in person know full well that I am always ready to respond, openly and honestly ... quite often jokily ... to any questions hurled at my head. Quite simply, I have nothing to hide. As for the jokes ... well ... I take the work seriously, but I don’t see why I need to be over-serious about myself. So:

Rather than produce a long and meandering ‘stream-of-consciousness’ waffle, I shall, for now, divide this Site into various sections, each of which will deal with some or other aspect of what, over the years, I have learned is of interest to so many of you.

Quite often, I expect to copy some or other fragment from the Net in order to put it right. But ... I promise you ... I shall invent nothing. Neither shall I lie nor fantasise.

However ... ... ...

All of us, as we grow older, learn that memories can sometimes become fogged or unreliable. I don’t doubt that I shall be just as guilty of such failings as would anybody else.

I do, though, have a precious archive of documents, photographs and recordings of interviews with various key people in the saga, etc – some of which I intend to share with you. And of course, there are my films which show Rennes-le-Château - and other places - (as well as myself), changing through the decades.

I’m quite sure that a great deal of this material is going to prove both instructive and - I hope - entertaining.

* * * * *
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